Chessbase tutorials: flawed but brilliant

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Chess
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 I’ve always found the Nimzo-Indian Defence a little bit daunting. Thanks to the latest Chessbase opening DVD on the Indian Defences, it’s starting to make more sense.

However, two out of the four video presentations on the defence have technical problems. The video lags so far behind the commentary that it’s useless and I had to enter the moves using a different chess program. This defeats the purpose of a video presentation, doesn’t it? Perhaps that’s why Igor Stohl was sweating so much.

This is the worst technical flaw I’ve found in the Chessbase products so far. Quite often the databases referred to in the commentary are missing. Videos are often presented in the wrong order and mistakes in the commentary are just left there.

I was watching another Chessbase DVD this week, which had quite clearly been cobbled together in a hurry, as the intro claimed that it was part 2 of an in-depth study on the Carlsbad structure, for which I had somehow missed part 1. I couldn’t find part 1 anywhere but after spending a bit more time with the DVD it seems part 1 is there after all. At least I think it is. I’ll tell you after watching all 7 hours of it.

These DVDs are very expensive so it’s annoying to find amateurish production errors on so many of them. However, the content is so amazing that I’m prepared to overlook these problems. And chess experts have to make a living somehow, don’t they? I’m quite happy to pay out good money to have the benefit of some of the best chess instruction in the world.


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